My C2 Proficiency Preparation Course

The C2 Proficiency Cambridge English exam is one of the most demanding English exams out there... but I guess that's one of the reasons you've decide to take it, right?

Whatever your reason and however much experience you have with the Cambridge English exams, you're going to need some guidance in order to pass the exam with the best score possible.

In my C2 Proficiency preparation course, I share with you all my tips on strategy and approach based on 20 years of experience helping students prepare for these tricky exams. We'll look at every part of the exam in detail and go through sample exercises so there are no surprises for you on the day of the exam. There are also regular quizzes to make sure you're paying attention!

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8 Replies to “My C2 Proficiency Preparation Course”

  1. Hi Ben,
    My name is Vincenzo and I’m an English teacher in Ravenna. I always watch your videos , which I find really helpful and I also recommend my students to watch them. I passed the CPE few years ago with C (because of a low grade in the listening part). Over the last years, I have been involved in professional development, I passed my DELTA Module 1 and 2, and I’m currently working on Module 3.
    I try to improve and work hard for my job, this is the reason why I would like to buy your C2 preparation course online, to keep my English ‘alive’ . Do you think it would be a good idea? Who knows, one day I could decide to retake the exam…..In addition, I would like to know if the preparation course includes some lessons online with you .
    Thanks for letting me know, and I apologize for the long message, v.

    1. Hi Vincenzo
      My C2 Proficiency preparation course primarily focuses on strategy and approach for all the parts of the exam, as well as looking at sample exercises in detail. It consists of more than 12 hours of video lessons plus quizzes and information about study resources and extra tips… but it does not include live classes with me. So, if you feel you could get a higher mark in the exam with my guidance and tips, go for it. On the other hand, if you feel you know everything about the exam and how to approach each part, it’s probably not for you.
      Let me know if you have an more questions.

      1. Hi Ben,

        First of all, thanks for your reply.
        Just a couple of questions:
        how long does it last the access to the C2 course once I buy it?
        At the moment, there’s no urgency for me to retake the exam, but I would like to work little by little at my own pace. Also, I would like to use it as a resource to improve my English.
        Secondly, as for the writing, are you going to give feedback?

        1. Hi Vincenzo. The access to the course doesn’t expire, it’s yours forever.
          Keep in mind that it’s an exam preparation course and therefore focuses on strategy and approach for the exam specifically.
          The course doesn’t include writing feedback but you will receive an invitation to join my TTP Exam Academy Telegram group where you’ll find details on how to send writings for corrections and feedback

  2. Hi Ben
    I am currently preparing for the cpe with a coursebook and I‘ve been also watching your videos. I already know the exam fairly well and am therefore not in need of the (surely excellent) course of yours. However, every now and then I have questions/uncertainties, so I was wondering whether there are any options to receive direct help/ acess to the community you have built, without buying your entire course?

    1. Hi Dunja
      I’m not offering any classes or workshops at the moment but from September I plan to offer options for students who are preparing for the Cambridge exams. When are you taking your exam?

  3. Hi Ben,

    I just wanted to thank you. Recently I took the CPE exam, and your preparation course helped me immensely. My English was solid before, but CPE exam is pretty freaking hard and complex exam to pass. Thanks to your work I´ve been able to extract very useful knowledge and tips to pass the exam successfully.
    Thank you for such a great tool, it´s definitely worth the money.

    Regards from Czech Republic,
    Luděk Šálek

    1. Hi Ludek. Congratulations on passing the C2 Proficiency exam! It’s no mean feat and you should be very proud of yourself.
      I’m so glad you found my course useful.
      All the best
      PS. Would you mind if I shared your email on my social media accounts? (I’m trying to get better at marketing!)

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