My Essential Grammar Online Course

"This course is really a must for everyone who wants to learn English correctly.
In my opinion, it was very helpful that Ben started every module with the essential grammar to repeat and then moves on to the more difficult parts.
Everything is explained well and with a lot of examples understandable at once.
The best grammar course I've ever seen.
It helped me a lot, because I learned English twenty years ago and I didn't really understand all of the grammatical structures. That changed thanks to Ben.
I would highly recommend that course to everyone who needs refreshing in English Grammar."
Sabine Hämer

If you're struggling to reach an advanced level of English, this is the course for you. Whether you're planning to take a Cambridge English exam or just want to level-up your grammar, this comprehensive course based on my 21 years of experience teaching English will help you achieve your objectives.

PREMIUM C1 Advanced preparation course

By choosing the PREMIUM option, you get the complete C1 Advanced preparation course PLUS a one-hour live one to one Zoom consultation with Ben PLUS three writing corrections with feedback.

 "Very good course - 5 stars" Michael Gottlieb

My C1 Advanced Online Preparation Course

"This course is a life saver, I am indeed one of those students hesitating where to start and how to structurize the learning process. And it is all well put, theory and practice materials. Very grateful!" Syamalika-seva Dasi Ids

In this course, I share my tips and recommendations based on my 20 years of experience (yes, I'm old) helping students prepare for and pass the C1 Advanced Cambridge English exam (previously known as the CAE). It is a complete course in which I look in detail at every part of the exam and give my advice on strategy and approach as well as going through sample exercises so you know exactly what to do on the day of the exam. There are also regular quizzes to make sure your paying attention!

If you're feeling a bit lost with your preparation and don't know where to start and how to organise your studies, this is the course for you!

"Absolutely brilliant! The guide and recommendations of this course are unvaluable. Very well designed! Thank you Ben." Nelson Frank Noriega Palpieris