My C1 Advanced Online Preparation Course

In this course, I share my tips and recommendations based on my 20 years of experience (yes, I'm old) helping students prepare for and pass the C1 Advanced Cambridge English exam (previously known as the CAE). It is a complete course in which I look in detail at every part of the exam and give my advice on strategy and approach as well as going through sample exercises so you know exactly what to do on the day of the exam. There are also regular quizzes to make sure your paying attention!

If you're feeling a bit lost with your preparation and don't know where to start and how to organise your studies, this is the course for you!

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6 Replies to “My C1 Advanced Online Preparation Course”

  1. Hey Ben,

    I’ve been a resident of the UK for more than 8 years. Here, my future wife and son were both born. My wife is from England. I am constantly surrounded with English language at home or at work.

    My proficiency in English is B2. I’d really like to make progress and get to C1 level. I won’t be taking the C1 exam, so do I really need to prepare for it to improve my English? Instead, I want to work on my English for personal reasons. With my current level I am not able to fully express myself as Id love to.

    Can I go to C1 level by watching your lessons and improving my English on my own time? It could be a strange question, but I’d love to hear your professional advice.

    1. Hi Pertru

      If you’re referring to my YouTube lessons, they are meant to be a resource to help students expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar etc, but you need to do a lot more in order to reach a C1 level of English. You need to use the English you learn in practice regularly.
      If you’re referring to my online course, it’s specifically for people who are preparing for the Cambridge English exam, so I don’t think it’s the best option if you’re not planning on taking that exam.

  2. Hi Ben,
    I’d like to purchase this course but I’m not sure when I will have it and what format it is. Could you let me know asap.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Encarna

      You will get full and unlimited access to the course immediately from the moment the payment is processed. The course consists of a series of video lessons and quizzes and there is also a discussion option where you can ask me questions. In the lessons, I give information about every part of the exam and look at sample exercises with explanations of the answers.
      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Hi Ben, thanks for sharing this content.

    I am thinking in preparing myself for the C1, either the CAE or the EOI exam, however, I would like to focus in phrasal verbs, because I think is something which provides quality and fluency to the sentences, can I kindly ask if this course prepares the student in phrasal verbs, which are really really needed in the “Use of English” part in this exam? thanks

    1. Hi Marco
      The course focuses on strategy and approach in order to pass the exam. Check out my YouTube channel for help with vocabulary, including phrasal verbs.

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