My C2 Proficiency Preparation Course

"Fantastic course which thoroughly explains the structure of the exam at a very accessible price. Valuable tips to build both confidence and preparation for CPE Exam." Aldo Calipari

The C2 Proficiency Cambridge English exam is one of the most demanding English exams out there... but I guess that's one of the reasons you've decide to take it, right?

Whatever your reason and however much experience you have with the Cambridge English exams, you're going to need some guidance in order to pass the exam with the best score possible.

In my C2 Proficiency preparation course, I share with you all my tips on strategy and approach based on 20 years of experience helping students prepare for these tricky exams. We'll look at every part of the exam in detail and go through sample exercises so there are no surprises for you on the day of the exam. There are also regular quizzes to make sure you're paying attention!

"I got to learn new things in relation to the CPE exam that I did not know yet. In addition to that, Ben provides great resources and advice." √Āngela Sanabria Martin