PREMIUM C2 Proficiency course

If you choose the PREMIUM option, you'll get the complete C2 preparation course PLUS a one-hour live one to one Zoom consultation with Ben PLUS three writing corrections with feedback.

"The course is very well structured and Ben goes into a lot of detail. To be honest, he was so constantly present on my screen, it almost felt as if he was here preparing me for the exam. I passed the exam with Grade A. This was due to feeling and knowing that I was fully prepared by Ben. I am fully convinced, that Ben's course can get you some extra points in the exam." Tarek Abou Assi

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8 Replies to “PREMIUM C2 Proficiency course”

  1. Hello Ben, Im interested in a course for a c2 preparation exam, I failed my last exam but your videos helped me a lot with the writing part and speaking. I was wondering which course would be better to improve my reading and use of English skills and my listening. Do you give individual classes? I would be very interested in them. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maria
      If you’re planning on taking the C2 Proficiency Cambridge English exam, I recommend you enrol on the C2 course. The course focuses on strategy and approach for every part of the exam.
      If you need to improve your grammar, I also offer the Essential Grammar Course which covers the concepts that are useful for the exam as well as your general English.
      At the moment, I don’t have any time available for individuals classes, I’m afraid.
      Let me know if you have any more questions.
      Kind regards

  2. Dear Mr. Ben,
    I am interested to improve my English writing, as it has been a while living and studying in Germany and i use English mainly in reading books. Currently i am working on my master in English, and i feel overwhelmed ..i wish i can book for C2 course now but academic writing is most needed now. So is there any way to book something for improving it now.
    I am doing self study but i need a guide.
    thanks and happy new year

    1. Hi Lamis
      I’m afraid I don’t have a general academic writing course. I specialise in Cambridge Enlgish exam preparation.
      Sorry I can’t help.
      All the best

  3. Hi Ben
    I hope you‘re doing well 🙂
    I just finished the C2 Preparation course and I absolutely loved it! Thank you for your helpful strategies and advice! I love your mantra „don’t be scared, be prepared!“ 😊
    It left me wondering, whether there was any chance to have a zoom with you personally to practice the speaking exam?
    Thank you already in advance for your response.
    All the best,

  4. Hi Ben,
    I’m considering signing in for the C2 Proficiency Cambridge English exam preparation course. Have you got book recommendations in addition to your course?


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