About me

Ben Gill, English teacher with 20 years experience

Born on the outskirts of London many moons ago, I grew up in a (quaint) village in Cambridgeshire, South East England… skip the boring details…. I moved to Madrid, Spain 20 years ago and having been teaching English ever since (I now live in Asturias)

During the first Covid lockdown, I decided to make a couple of videos and upload them to YouTube in order to share my knowledge and experience with the millions (about 50 people saw those videos). I’ve made more than 200 videos and have somehow managed to accumualte over 100,000 subscribers. I can now call myself an online teacher, which I find extremely rewarding as I can reach, and help, so many people around the world.

I specialise in helping students prepare for the Cambridge English exams (B2 First, C1 Advanced & C2 Proficiency) but also share lessons on all aspects of English learning including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation as well as speaking and writing tips.

Thanks for choosing me to help you!