B2 First Preparation Course

"Terrific course: I've found this course absolutely useful so as to deal with the exam! Since all parts of it are made up thoroughly, I've watched and listened to the explanations of Ben with focus and pleasure. I recommend the course as it is paramount in order to pass the exam. I feel more confident before it. I'm looking forward to getting C1 advanced course." Turi Coppola

In my Complete B2 First Cambridge English exam preparation course I share all of my 20 years of experience helping students prepare for and pass this exam. The information and tips you need in order to get the best score possible are presented in video form so I can explain exactly what's required for each part of every paper. We'll also look at sample tasks for all the parts so that you get a real understanding how to implement my tips in practice.

Regular quizzes will help to reinforce the strategies you learn and make sure you don't forget the most important aspects of the lessons.

When you purchase the course, you'll receive an email from me inviting you to join my TTP Exam Academy Telegram group where you'll have the option of asking me and your fellow members questions on the exam and/or the preparation process.

Let's get started!